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Slimming preparations:

Hyvän Olon Konjac – Supplement for weight control

Hyvän Olon Konjac capsules contain glucomannan and chrome. Glucomannan is the first and so far the only fibre which has been scientifically shown to help in weight control and has therefore been given a positive EU assessment in relation to weight control; for its part chromium has been found to balance blood sugar. 

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Vihreä Tee & Vihreä Kahvi – Supplement with green tea and green coffee

Both green tea and green coffee are popular among slimmers – and no wonder! Green tea activates metabolism and promotes energy consumption. Green coffee reduces feeling of hunger; thus it becomes easier to eat less and in smaller portions. Green coffee balances also your blood sugar and its components slow the absorption of sugar from food.

Aqua Start – Supplement for fluid retention

Reduces fluid retention and swelling. Stimulates excretion of urine and exit of waste products. Maintains the electrolyte balance of the cell.

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