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Fatty acids

Omegat 3-6-7-9 – Fatty acid supplement

There are several different omega fatty acids. Each of them has its own important task in the body and their health effects differ from each other. Th.e Omegas capsule contains important fatty acids from all Omega groups.
Most of the Omega-6 fatty acids of the product is beneficial Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA), which is derived from linseeds and which maintains skin health.

Vahva Tyrniöljy+Mustikka Omegat – Fatty acid supplement with buckthorn and bilberry oil

In many countries buckthorn and bilberry are used in folk medicine, and these healthy berries have always been popular with Finns. These berries containing many compounds, that are beneficial for the wellbeing of the body and whose seeds contain essential fatty acids, are true superfoods!

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