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Via Naturale, established in 1992, is a Finnish wholesale and marketing enterprise,
which has, in a short time, become one of the leading wholesale businesses in the field. Via Naturale
develops and markets wholesome high-quality food supplements utilising the powerful expertise and the modern product development and technology of the leading manufacturers in the field.

Via Naturale Oy is a Finnish SMS company that formulates and markets dietary supplements, cosmetics and pet products. Via Naturale’s products are found nationwide in health food stores, department stores and pharmacies in Finland.

Via Naturale was established in 1992. In 2006, the company was bought by the present owners. Via Naturale is located in Southern Finland next to Helsinki, the capital of Finland.

The present product portfolio consists of dietary supplements as tablets, hard and soft gelatin capsules, and liquids for human and animal use. They contain vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, herbs and herbal extracts, and fibers.

The Product offering supports health and well being in many ways. They benefit:

1. Joints and Bones
2. Fatty Acids
3. Energy and Resistance
4. Slimming Preparation
5. Aloe Vera products
6. Special Nutrients
7. Pet products
8. Sexual Health

The products are custom manufactured mainly in Finland, but also in other European countries (especially liquids and soft gel capsules).

At present, we are actively looking for new custom manufacturers to satisfy the growing demand of our own products. We are also looking for new private label products to widen our product range.

Kalliotie 2, FI-04360 Tuusula
Tel: +358 9 8709 856, fax +358 9 8709 858, info(at)

  VAT number FI20411077

Joints and bones
Fatty acids
Energy and resistance
Slimming preparations
Aloe Vera products
Special nutrients
Sexual health
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